Version 6.4.0 October 19, 2020

  • Live stream is reconnected when resumed after it was paused now!
  • We're back with option to show qualities menu from settings menu.
  • New premium skin "Flow" released.
  • All demos on website updated to videojs version 10.0.1 and nuevo plugin 6.4
  • Version 6.3.17 October 06, 2020

  • Fixed error when time tooltip disabled.
  • Fixed zoom feature for VR/360 plugin.
  • VR/360 animation speed now varied based on browser and device.
  • Version 6.3.16 October 02, 2020

  • New download button to send video detail to server-side file with function to download video.
  • Further improvemens to css skins.
  • Plugin code optimized and slightly reduced.
  • Tested with latest video.js version 7.9.6.
  • New DRM streaming test.
  • Version 6.3.1

  • New Nuevo plugin function loadTracks allows to load VTT chapters or captions programmatically. Useful for iOS devices.
  • Small code update to show HLS/DASH quality button in more precise way.
  • Version 6.3.0

    The minor update concerns the player's layout. All skins have been revisited, especially menu buttons and menus.
    Now all drop-down menus are showing in exactly same way, only on button click with same animation effect. This was a lot of work to update css stylesheets for all 8 skins and set some javascript code to get desired effect.

    Version 6.2.1

    Tiny minor update to support new Chromeless player.

    Version 6.2.0

    Plugin and skins minor update. Ima Plugin upodate.
    • Once again all skins revisited, including Ima plugin skin.
    • Ima plugin by Google fix not to block player controls for Google non-linear ads.
    • Video info option expanded to display video description

    Version 6.1.0

    Nuevo plugin minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
    • New options to play offline video when HLS stream disconnected.
    • Support for WEBVTT based preview thumbnails.
    • New options to reset and reuse VAST ads
    • Skins patched to hide video info and keep controlbar while playing VAST
    • An update to VR/360 plugin to support gyroscope on iOS 13 version.

    Version 6.0.0

    Nuevo plugin major update to version 6.
    • Lot of design changes to each of Nuevo skin for better button menus user experience.
    • Completely new approach to scaling responsive player elements, based rather on real player size than CSS3 Media Queries.
    • Fix for applying VTT chapters when new video loaded programatically.
    • More reliable way of applygin VTT captions for video loaded programmmaticaly.
    • Fix for loading new playlist video after HLS/DASH previous video item.

    Version 5.7.0

    Nuevo plugin minor update & Chromecast plugin v.3.0
    • Chromecast plugin 3.0 released. Now it supports text tracks in TTF format.
    • Some of Nuevo plugin options depreciated, replaced by easier to use names.
    • New controlbar markers with tooltips fo media chapters added.
    • New public function "showRelated"
    • Player skins updated to support new things mentioned above

    Version 5.6

    Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
    • Nuevo plugin code optimized and extended for new VAST/VPAID plugin (concerns only GOLD version)
    • New experminetal VAST/VPAID plugin (version GOLD)
    • Custom right click event
    • All skins CSS extended for new VAST/VPAID plugin

    Version 5.4.0

    Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin, skins and Chromecast plugin
    • Fixed possible issues in playlist autoadvance playback
    • Fixed disappearing settings menu after VAST video
    • All skins updated for new Chromecast dummy player
    • New version 2.0 of Chromecast plugin
    • Playlist updates to allow autoadvance playback via Chromecast, support test tracks and more reliable switch between live streams.
    • Language files updated, ready to translate every Nuevo plugin text

    Version 5.3

    Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
    • Completely redesigned ZOOM feature of Nuevo plugin
    • Several layout improvements for better touchscreen experience.

    Version 5.2

    Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
    • Completely new "roll" system to play preroll, midroll and postroll video.
    • Tweaked Chromecast plugin and nuevo skins to support chromecast device in elegant way.

    Version 5.0.1

    Minor small update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
    • Pinko skin has been redesigned for thinner controlbar to avoid issues with possible midroll banners.
    • Quality menu was redesigned for small size window, like one on mobiles device in portrait mode.
    • New "Rewind" optional button has been added
    • Preroll video plugin has been reprogrammed to play through same video element and avoid playback issues on mobile devices.

    Version 5.0

    Major big update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
    • All skins revisited to support latest videojs version and new: Nuevo playlist feature and PiP button.
    • New elegant skin "shaka", inspired by Google Shaka player.
    • Video.js icon fonts replaced by base64/woff font. Makes css loading faster with less HTTP requests.
    • Quality picker revisited once again to support fully Auto switch for HLS and Mpeg/Dash streams.
    • Fast quality switch between quality variants fro MPEG/Dash stream.
    • New option to show quality menu within settings menu.
    • Related container redesigned for fully resposive view with touch scroll support on touchscreen devices.
    • New unique playlist and playlist Ui feature.
    • Unique function to load new video source with support for poster image, progrssbar thumbs and qualities selection.
    • Option to show custom context menu link on right click over player
    • New functions to load video programatically and reconnect stream