Version 1.0.

First version release for videojs framework version 5, including 3 custom skins.

Version 2.0.

Major update of Nuevo plugin and videojs skins to fit Videojs player version 6.6.3
  • Changed all outdated and depreciated function for Videojs 6.
  • Videojs skins for Nuevo plugins redesigned to fit new Videojs 6 css rules.
  • New skin "Treso" released. Breaking videojs skins limits with use of advanced javascript control.
  • VAST/VPAID and Google Ima plugin examined and modified for better ads display.
  • Separate VAST/Ima player skins, each to fit specific Videojs skin by
  • New "watch time limit" plugin as integral part of Nuevo plugin.
  • New Nuevo plugin options for better player control (mousedisplay,timetooltipdisplay, errordisplay).

Version 2.2

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • Related container redesigned, now allows up to 16 related videos.
  • Settings and resolution menu display changed. Now works on click/touch with timeout for display instead of on mouseover display
  • Automatic videojs skins detection by Nuevo plugin.

Version 2.3

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • Small updates to support latest videojs version 7
  • "nuevo" variable removed from player setup code. It's no longer required and allows to use standard videojs "data-setup" parameters.
  • HLS quality picker updated to pick up possible qualities either by video resolution or by bandwidth, depending on m3u8 playlist's details.

Version 3.0

Major update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • Fully tested with video.js version 6.x and 7.x
  • Completely redesigned setting button menu
  • completely redesigned related videos container, which now allows to include unlimited related video thumb.s
  • support for automatic resolution picker for multi bitrate DASH/MPEG streams.
  • new feature which allows to remember last volume value for next play.
  • new option to resume video playback from time position it was recently left.
  • new premium "Pinko" skin (included intp bundle package).

Version 3.1

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • Video resolution/quality picker serious update. Now it's possible to use multiple M3u8 or mpd playlists for HLS or Mpeg-Dash with standard video fallback! Check this unique HLS stream example.
  • Fix for quality switch under IE browsers. Now video starts at the same time it was left before video quality change.

Version 3.2

Minor small update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins. Tested with videojs 6 and 7 versions.
  • Few small changes for quality picker display.
  • Few fixes and improvements for related videos container.
  • Saved about 12 kB to plugin javascript file due to better compression method.
  • Google shuts down Google+ on March 7th. For this reason Google+ sharing option was replaced by LinkedIn.
  • New bersion allows to test or use player on localhost.

Version 4.0

Major update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins. Tested with videojs 6 and 7 versions.
  • Nuevo plugin now is 100% pure javascript code. Hundreds of JQuery functions have been replaced.
  • Youtube playback has been removed. Since Youtube limited functionality of their API player a lot we do not see a reason to use it any more.
  • New Overlay feature arrived. Allows to show any HTML content on each pause event.
  • Small update for better Mpeg/Dash quality detection and display has been applied
  • Now Nuevo plugin license is valid for 3 domains instead of one!

Version 4.1

Minor small update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins. Tested with videojs 6 and 7 versions.
  • Fix for End Action option to show related or share container on both: desktop and mobile devices.
  • New replay button for standard video end action.
  • Completely new plugin part for simple video preroll. Now it's independent module, no need to load "videojs-contrib-ads" plugin. Original video source remains unaffected since preroll is loaded into separate video container.
  • Free to download from clientarea for v4 license holders.

Version 4.2

This time mainly we spend some time to examine anmd improve all skins for Nuevo plugin.
  • According to our clients suggestions skins were even more optimized for small window display, eg. mobile device in portrait mode.
  • All skins examined and fixed (if required) for live streams.
  • New skin `Jwlike` was included into Premium version of Nuevo plugin.
  • Improvement for HLS and Live streams to detect initial resolution and mark it properly for display.
  • As usually version 4.2 is available free to download from clientarea for v4 license holders.

Version 5.0

Major big update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
  • All skins revisited to support latest videojs version and new: Nuevo playlist feature and PiP button.
  • New elegant skin "shaka", inspired by Google Shaka player.
  • Video.js icon fonts replaced by base64/woff font. Makes css loading faster with less HTTP requests.
  • Quality picker revisited once again to support fully Auto switch for HLS and Mpeg/Dash streams.
  • Fast quality switch between quality variants fro MPEG/Dash stream.
  • New option to show quality menu within settings menu.
  • Related container redesigned for fully resposive view with touch scroll support on touchscreen devices.
  • New unique playlist and playlist Ui feature.
  • Unique function to load new video source with support for poster image, progrssbar thumbs and qualities selection.
  • Option to show custom context menu link on right click over player
  • New functions to load video programatically and reconnect stream

Version 5.01

Minor small update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
  • Pinko skin has been redesigned for thinner controlbar to avoid issues with possible midroll banners.
  • Quality menu was redesigned for small size window, like one on mobiles device in portrait mode.
  • New "Rewind" optional button has been added
  • Preroll video plugin has been reprogrammed to play through same video element and avoid playback issues on mobile devices.

Version 5.2

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
  • Completely new "roll" system to play preroll, midroll and postroll video.
  • Tweaked Chromecast plugin and nuevo skins to support chromecast device in elegant way.

Version 5.3

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
  • Completely redesigned ZOOM feature of Nuevo plugin
  • Several layout improvements for better touchscreen experience.

Version 5.4.0

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin, skins and Chromecast plugin
  • Fixed possible issues in playlist autoadvance playback
  • Fixed disappearing settings menu after VAST video
  • All skins updated for new Chromecast dummy player
  • New version 2.0 of Chromecast plugin
  • Playlist updates to allow autoadvance playback via Chromecast, support test tracks and more reliable switch between live streams.
  • Language files updated, ready to translate every Nuevo plugin text

Version 5.6

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
  • Nuevo plugin code optimized and extended for new VAST/VPAID plugin (concerns only GOLD version)
  • New experminetal VAST/VPAID plugin (version GOLD)
  • Custom right click event
  • All skins CSS extended for new VAST/VPAID plugin

Version 5.7.0

Nuevo plugin minor update & Chromecast plugin v.3.0
  • Chromecast plugin 3.0 released. Now it supports text tracks in TTF format.
  • Some of Nuevo plugin options depreciated, replaced by easier to use names.
  • New controlbar markers with tooltips fo media chapters added.
  • New public function "showRelated"
  • Player skins updated to support new things mentioned above

Version 6.0.0

Nuevo plugin major update to version 6.
  • Lot of design changes to each of Nuevo skin for better button menus user experience.
  • Completely new approach to scaling responsive player elements, based rather on real player size than CSS3 Media Queries.
  • Fix for applying VTT chapters when new video loaded programatically.
  • More reliable way of applygin VTT captions for video loaded programmmaticaly.
  • Fix for loading new playlist video after HLS/DASH previous video item.

Version 6.1.0

Nuevo plugin minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins.
  • New options to play offline video when HLS stream disconnected.
  • Support for WEBVTT based preview thumbnails.
  • New options to reset and reuse VAST ads
  • Skins patched to hide video info and keep controlbar while playing VAST
  • An update to VR/360 plugin to support gyroscope on iOS 13 version.

Version 6.2.0

Plugin and skins minor update. Ima Plugin upodate.
  • Once again all skins revisited, including Ima plugin skin.
  • Ima plugin by Google fix not to block player controls for Google non-linear ads.
  • Video info option expanded to display video description

Version 6.2.1

Tiny minor update to support new Chromeless player.

Version 6.3.0

The minor update concerns the player's layout. All skins have been revisited, especially menu buttons and menus.
Now all drop-down menus are showing in exactly same way, only on button click with same animation effect. This was a lot of work to update css stylesheets for all 8 skins and set some javascript code to get desired effect.

Version 6.3.1

  • New Nuevo plugin function loadTracks allows to load VTT chapters or captions programmatically. Useful for iOS devices.
  • Small code update to show HLS/DASH quality button in more precise way.