Non-standard Ads


The VastPro plugin allows you to play LINEAR, non-standard ads defined directly through javascript. Such types of ads can also be included in the list of multiple ads executed at different time offset and can be mixed with standard VAST ad tags.
There are two parameters required for a non-standard linear ad: the video source and the clickthrough URL. If a non-standard ad is one of the list items, you will also need to define the timeOffset option. Other optional options for a non-standard ad that you may consider using are:
  • adId - unique ad id, useful for tracking purpose.
  • trackingURL - an URL for tracking
  • skip - time value (seconds) to allow to skip ad.
  • icon - icon Image URL to display at the bottom-right corner of the player.
  • config - a list of configuration options
This is how you can configure a single non-standard linear ad:
Code snippet
player.vast ({
media: {src:"video-source-url",type:"media/type"},
clickthrough: "ad-click-url",
adId: "ad-unique-id", // (optional)
trackingUrl: "tracking-url", // (optional)
skip: "5", //(optional)
icon: "image-icon-URL" //(optional)

List of multiple ads

You can include non-standard ads in the list of ads to execute at the desired time position. Non-standard ads can be mixed with standard VAST Tag ads.
Code snippet
player.vast ({
ads:[ {
media: {src:"video-source-url.mp4",type:"video/mp4"},
clickthrough: "ad-click-url",
adId: "ad-unique-id", //(optional)
trackingUrl: "tracking-url", //(optional)
skip: "5" //(optional)
icon: "icon-image-URL" //(optional)
config: { clickthroughMethod:"link: } //(optional)
timeOffset: "start"
} , {
tagURL: ""path-to-vast-file"
timeOffset: 20
} , {
media: {src:"video-source-url.m3u8",type:"application/x-mpegURL"},
clickthrough: "ad-click-url",
adId: "ad-unique-id",
trackingUrl: "tracking-url"
timeOffset: "50%"
skip: "10"
If the timeOffset option is not defined, the ad will play as a preroll.
Values for the timeOffset option can be provided either as a number of seconds, a percentage value, or an end for postroll (VOD video only).
The live stream duration is Infinity, so the current video time cannot be calculated. Midroll and postroll ads will be ignored.


If you define adId and trackingURL options, ad events will be sent to a tracking URL with 2 parameters in request: action and id, e.g.
Code snippet
Events that will be tracked this way are: start, firstQuartile, midpoint, thirdQuatile, pause, resume, fullscreen, exitFullscreen, mute, unmute, clickthrough, skip, complete.

This demo

Demo player above utilize:
  1. non-standard preroll ad with 5 second skip option, clickthroughtMethod = link and industry icon from PNG image.
  2. standard VAST from tagURL with 2 video ad pods at the time offset = 20 seconds.
  3. non-standard midroll ad at 50% of the main video length, with a 10-second skip option.

The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product, working with th video.js player and Nuevo plugin.
A lifetime license can be ordered upon the first Nuevo software order, or at any time later in the client area.