Nuevo Plugin for Video Js player

The Videojs Player Framework is a project built by the community that can handle the most professional use cases and is used on thousands of video websites.An open-source library for working with video on the web with dozens of available plugins makes Videojs the most advanced and popular HTML5 player today.

What is Nuevo Plugin & Skins ?

The Nuevo plugin is a set of advanced original features and options merged into one javascript file of relatively small size.The latest version of the Nuevo plugin is 12.0.6 (2024-04-08) and fits Videojs versions 7x or 8x. Examples and demos on the website make use of videojs version 8.11.8 (2024-03-12).

All Nuevo plugin options and player setup code examples are listed on a dedicated online documentation website page. The Nuevo plugin version history can be found here and on individual demo pages.

Key features

  • Own logo image and small logo icon in controlbar.
  • Video quality picker for standard MP4 and automatic quality picker for HLS, and DASH streams
  • Responsive related videos container
  • Top sharing services, permalink and embed link container
  • Thumbnails over progressbar display option
  • Alternative VTT based preview thumbnails
  • Custom context menu option
  • Fast HLS and DASH-MPEG automatic quality picker
  • Video resume option to start playback from last time position
  • Remember last volume
  • Unique video playlist and original playlist Ui
  • Video Image Snapshot
  • Rewind and forward buttons
  • Video speed switcher (0.5 - 2)
  • Video zoom option (up to 500%)
  • Video Horizontal mirror view
  • Show/hide mousedisplay and time tooltip
  • Video watch time limit
  • Video title display option
  • Audio track info display
  • Chromeless player
  • Video chapters with chapter markers and tooltips
  • UpNext unique plugin
  • Video graphical filters plugin
  • More video gallery plugin
  • Transcription plugin
  • Video events & analytics plugin
  • Internal preroll, midroll, postroll ads plugin
  • VR 360 ° playback
  • Google Ima Ads integration ready
  • Google DAI (Dynamic Ads Insertion) plugin (Gold plan)
  • VAST / VPAID plugin (Gold plan)
  • Chromecast plugin with audio, subtitles and video ads support
  • Apple's Airplay plugin
  • Alternative Hlsjs plugin to play HLS videos
  • Alternative Dash.js plugin to play DASH-MPEG videos
  • Set of compnents ready to deploy in apps like React and Vue
  • 11 quality responsive skins (Premium and Gold plan)