Nuevo Plugin for Video Js player

The Videojs player framework is the project built by the community, which can handle the most professional use cases and is used on thousands of video websites.An open source library for working with video on the web with dozens available plugins makes Videojs most advanced and most popular HTML5 player today.

What is Nuevo Plugin & Skins ?

Nuevo plugin is a set of advanced player original features and options merged into one javascript plugin file of relatively small file size.
The latest version of Nuevo plugin is 11.4.0 (16-09-2023) and fits Videojs versions 7x or 8x. Examples and demos on website make use of the videojs version 8.4,2 (06-06-2023)

Presented player Skins for Videojs are unique, completely custom design, optimized for mobile devices based on modern css stylesheet and javascript code. Skins work properly only with Nuevo plugin, since they require specific buttons and conttrol-bar elements order, managed through javascript code.
All Nuevo plugin options, player setup code examples are listed on dedicated online documentation website page. Nuevo plugin versions history you can reach here and on indifidual demo pages.

Key features

  • Own logo image and small logo icon in controlbar.
  • Video quality picker for standard MP4 and automatic quality picker for HLS, and DASH streams
  • Responsive related videos container
  • Top sharing services, permalink and embed link container
  • Thumbnails over progressbar display option
  • Alternative VTT based preview thumbnails
  • Custom context menu option
  • Fast HLS and DASH-MPEG automatic quality picker
  • Video resume option to start playback from last time position
  • Remember last volume
  • Unique video playlist and original playlist Ui
  • Video Image Snapshot
  • Rewind and forward buttons
  • Video speed switcher (0.5 - 2)
  • Video zoom option (up to 500%)
  • Video Horizontal mirror view
  • Show/hide mousedisplay and time tooltip
  • Video watch time limit
  • Video title display option
  • Audio track info display
  • Chromeless player
  • Video chapters with chapter markers and tooltips
  • UpNext unique plugin
  • Video graphical filters plugin
  • More video gallery plugin
  • Video events & analytics plugin
  • Internal preroll, midroll, postroll ads system
  • VR 360 ° playback
  • Google Ima Ads integration ready
  • Google DAI (Dynamic Ads Insertion) plugin (Gold plan)
  • VAST / VPAID plugin (Gold plan)
  • Chromecast plugin with audio and subtitles support
  • Apple's Airplay plugin
  • Alternative Hlsjs plugin to play HLS videos
  • Alternative Dash.js plugin to play DASH-MPEG videos
  • Set of compnents ready to deploy in apps like React and Vue
  • 10 quality responsive skins (Premium and Gold plan)