Videojs Offline Plugin

The live stream will start after second offline retry.

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Offline plugin allows to display custom offline image with retry contdown when live stream goes offline. Offline image is initialized when stream playlist is not accessible (errors 404, 403, etc.), when fatal network and media error occurs, when streaming network disconnected while playing, or internet connection goes down.
The plugin attempts to reconnect the stream automatically in user-defined intervals (default each 30 seconds).
The offline plugin features 3 easy to understand options.
  • offlineImage - URL of the offline Image
  • offlineTimeout (default 30) - timeout value (seconds) for offlineImage to retry live stream
  • offlineCountdown (default true) - set false to hide visible countdown
Important: You need to set preload="none" video attribute to have the offline plugin working correctly.
Minimum setup is:
Code snippet
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

var player = videojs('myplayer'); 
player.offline({offlineImage: "//"});

You can also set optionss to change offline retry interval value, to hide contdown or to change countdown text string, which by default is "Restart".
Code snippet