Skip Intro Plugin

A simple plugin made by user request. Allows to skip a part of video to desired time position. The plugin features 4 easy to understand options. Just load the plugin after video.js or nuevo.min.js scripts and initialize the plugin swith desired options. Video above use options values as in code example below. Skip intro button appears at 00:05 and is showing for 10 seconds. If button clicked, video is forwarded to 00:58 time position.
Code snippet
<script src="/videojs/plugins/videojs.skipintro.js"></script>
var player = videojs("myplayer");
player.skipintro ({ skipStart:5, skipDuration:10, skipTarget:58 })
  • skipStart - time position to show skip button
  • skipDuration - duration time to keep skip button showing
  • skipTarget - time position to jump in video after intro
  • skipText - optional skip button text ("Skip Intro" by default).
The skip Intro plugin is included into each of offered Nuevo software plans.