Nuevo plugin v 11.2.0 arrived

Nuevo plugin and skins, new minor version 11.2.0 has been just published. Mainly, it includes update to all skins. Most of button menus in control bar now are showing menu title. Menu for each skin is of exactly the same maximum height (it's important for small size players, e.g. on the mobile device in portrait mode).

New skin slategrey for GOLD Plan of our software has been announced. This is 11th skin that we designed for video.js!

Autoplay functionality was revisited one more time. Since autoplay policies in the big browsers and devices is different, javascript promise object support is different as well, we decided to leave this suggested method to detect autoplay support and use some dirty solution to check if the video with the sounds can be played or not. If it is restrictetd to play in autoplay mode, the video goes muted and will play.

We updated all our React, Vue, Angular and Next.js examples, both on our website and on CodeSandbox. All examples now make use of latest Nuevo v 11.2.0 plugin.

We found a number of video.js issues during the update of the examples. All issues concern only newer version 8 of the video.js. Whatever version 8, video.js script may be a source of trouble especially when developnig TypeScript and/or React apps. No issues found when using latest video.js 7 version (7.21.4) and this is what we suggest to use in React and TypeScript apps.

When using Vue or standard HTML, video.js version 8.x is definitely fine. All HTML demos on website use latest video.js version 8.3.0 and latest plugins by v.11.2.0.

Quick update

We just saw new video.js 8.4.0 pre-release. A good news is that we were able to deploy Type Script app with video.js v 8.4.0 and plugins by without errors!

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