Nuevo v 11.0.0 release

Video.js v8

After over six months, we decided to release new major version of the Nuevo Software.

Version 11.0.0 includes 2 separate subversions, one for video.js version 8x and second for video.js version 7x. Player skins CSS files are exactly same for both video.js versions. Most of the plugins for video.js 7x will work with video.js 8x. Plugins for video.js 8x are updated according to the video.js migration guide and will not fit video.js version 7x.

Version 11.0.0 of the Nuevo software includes one new tiny plugin. The Intro Skip plugin allows to define a video SKIP start option with skip button. If your video includes some intro part, you can decide to alllow users to skip intro in easy way.

endAction option of the Nuevo plugin was redesigned and now in addition of showing related or sharing container when the video ends, webmaster can design own, completely custom container with any HTML content.

The display of HLS qualities was corrected to show proper AUTO initial resolution value.

The player Events plugin has been considerably extended.There is a new option to send events to custom URL. Another option allows to define Abstract API Key and receive information about the user watching video (IP address, city, country, etc.)


The appearance of video.js version 8 changes a lot to our software development. It requires a lot more of work and time to each update of our software. It also changes the approach how our software will be evolving in the future, The good news is that the pricing model for our scripts remains the same.

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