Nuevo v 12.0.0 for video.js major release

We are proud to announce the new major release of the Nuevo Software 12.0.0.

There are only a few new things in the new release, but several serious changes make this version quite different from the previous one.

New version 11.3.0 of Nuevo software released!

New version of Nuevo software v 11.3.0 was just released.

This time we focused on optimizing CSS skins and on improving the player's accessibility for for blind users or user with low vision.

Nuevo plugin v 11.2.0 arrived

Nuevo plugin and skins, new minor version 11.2.0 has been just published. Mainly, it includes update to all skins. Most of button menus in control bar now are showing menu title. Menu for each skin is of exactly the same maximum height (it's important for small size players, e.g. on the mobile device in portrait mode).

New payment system

After the release of the new minor version of the Nuevo software v 11.1.3, we decided to change payment system, powered by PayPal.

As always, there is a chance that something may not work, so we need 2-3 days with hope that everything works as expected. We've made about 20 real payments through different payment systems. 2 payments failed, but the money was reversed to the bank after 24-48 hours.

Videojs.mergeOptions is deprecated warning

Some users noticed a videojs warning in browser's console:

videojs.mergeOptions is deprecated and will be removed in 9.0; please use videojs.obj.merge instead.

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