Gallery plugin for Videojs

More videos gallery plugin

A poject that we developed for one of our private websites some time ago. It shows more videos scrolling gallery above the control bar. Gallery is fully responsible though it does not appear on player with less than 480 px width. On touch device you can navigate gallery items rather by finger than navigation arrows.
Gallery items are defined in the same way as related videos, so the user can use same array of videos for both: related and more videos. Of course this canbe 2 different sets fo videos as well.
Code snippet
<link href="//videojs/skins/shaka/morevideo.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">>
<script src="/videojs/video.min.js"></script>
<script src="/videojs/nuevo.min.js"></script>
<script src="/videojs/plugins/morevideos.js"></script>
var player = videojs("my_player");
player.nuevo({ contextMenu: false });
var videos_list = [ ... ];
player.morevideo( videos_list );
Of course you can merge morevideo stylesheet css file with videojs skins css to limit http requests.
Videos list is an array of videos to include for the gallery. Each Video item must include information about video page URL, video thumbnail, title and duration. This was described in detail on related videos demo page.
Code snippet
var videos_list = [
thumb: '//',
url: '//',
title: 'Video title',
duration: '05:30'
}, {

More videos is separate plugin, available to purchase by Nuevo license holders in client area for € 11.00. Possible to use across all registered domains. Apart of standard js format, the plugin is delivered as es and cjs modules as well.