Nuevo v 12.0.0 for video.js major release

We are proud to announce the new major release of the Nuevo Software 12.0.0.

There are only a few new things in the new release, but several serious changes make this version quite different from the previous one.

  • All plugins developed by were unified to support both versions of the video.js framework versions 7x and 8x.

  • So far, all button icons for each player's skin have been based on iconFont. In version 8.5.0, video.js introduced the SVGIcons option. Unfortunately, this option limits the player to using only one built-in set of icons. This is a completely useless feature for anyone who would like to have another set of icons or to have more buttons and icons.

    In version 12.0.0 of the software, developed a unique method to include SVG symbol definitions within the CSS skin file and read them later through the Nuevo plugin. This allows you to use different set of SVG icons for each skin. And so we decided to leave iconFonts and use SVG icons in place for every skin!

    Why SVG icons?

    Browsers treat SVGs as images; there are no anti-aliasing rules for SVGs. You can be sure that the visual quality of SVGs will be perfect at all resolutions. Icon fonts, on the contrary, are vulnerable to these techniques and can look blurry.

    Positioning an SVG vs. icon font is simpler and more accurate with SVG. To place an icon font, you might need to adjust various properties, such as word and letter spacing, alignment, line height, or font size. With SVGs, it’s enough to specify the size.

  • In version 12.0.0, we decided to include ES and CJS modules in Nuevo Software Gold Plan by default. The great news for existing users who upgrade to version 12.0.0 is that they do not have to pay for ES and CJS license separately. However, access to React, Vue, and Angular code examples that we publish through the Codesandbox editor is not free. Our Codesandbox Pro account is not free as well, but above all, creating, maintaining, and updating so many examples requires a lot of work from us.

  • Another significant change was to separate the Vroll Javascript video ads module from the Nuevo plugin. Now it's a separate plugin file, though it's easy to merge plugins' code into one file. The Vroll plugin code was also extended with a new tracking events option.

  • Once again, we put a lot of effort into improving the player's accessibility rules. We especially paid attention to navigation using keyboard keys. All player buttons, menus, and windows are now available to navigate using the TAB, arrows, RETURN, and Escape keys.

  • The new release comes with a new Transcription plugin, similar to one used by the Vimeo company. The plugin included in the software's GOLD plan is an original code by

  • More videos gallery plugin, worth €10.00 separately, now is included FREE in Premium and Gold plans.

  • A new find is a plugin by Montevideo Tech for adding Common-Media-Client-Data (CMCD) to player requests. A demo example was added to the website to test and explain this quite new specification produced by the CTA WAVE project

  • Live DVR functionality is now detected automatically based on a configurable threshold value. The minimum threshold value is 300 (5 minutes) by default. When the live playlist duration is greater than the threshold value, DVR seeking is enabled.

  • The latest version of the VastPro plugin is 4.0. This is completely rewritten code, and now, apart from standard JavaScript, the plugin is available in ESM and CJS versions. There is no longer a need to load the plugin through the script tag in Node apps. Just import the plugin like any other module.

  • We have created a new video.js languages editor. It allows you to translate English texts that might appear on the player to the desired language and save the result as ready-to-use javascript and json files.

As usual, the new release includes countless fixes and improvements to existing code.

The pricing model for Nuevo products generally remains the same. The only difference is the major upgrade price, which is 1 € higher now. This doesn't cover even the 10% increase in the cost of maintaining our service, not to mention the losses due to inflation over the last two years.

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