Nuevo plugin v10 for video.js major update

We are proud to announce new major version 10 of the Nuevo plugin and skins for video.js framework.

Same like each previous major update, v10 comes with a huge number of changes, improvements and new features listed below.

Skins update

We have spent a lot of time on fine-tuning of each skin developed by us. The most visible change concerns new big icons (play/pause. rewind, forward) showing on touch devices when user activity detected. This is what some players already have and best example is Netflix player. Another important change is enlarged control bar icons set when the width of the player is bigger than 1600 pixels. Volume bar for Shaka skin has been changed to a vertical one (horizontal one was not so handy). Each of 10 skins was also updated to support new features and plugins of Nuevo plugin 10.0 version.

Context menu update

Right click Context menu for the player has been completely redesigned. Now it features 3 action menu items (Play/Pause, Mute, Fullscreen) and credits text link, available to define by the user for his brand. Context menu options are described on this demo page.

Autoplay solution

Due to Policies in the Big Browsers, you cannot assume autoplay will work. For this reason Nuevo plugin automatically detects autoplay support. If autoplay not allowed, the player is muted and big unmute icon is showing in the top left corner of the player. This allows to start auto playback and unmute the sound easily. Demo available here.

Start time option

Nuevo plugin v10 features a new option to start video playback at desired time. Start time value can be set in 3 different ways. For details, check demo here.

More videos gallery new plugin

More videos plugin is an alternative to already available related videos window. It looks almost same like on YouTube embedded player. Plugin usage and setup tutorial is available on this demo page.

Graphical Filters new plugin

New plugin which allows to adjust video brightness, saturation and contrast. Separate brightness slider is also showing (optionally) on touch device as separate addon, just like on Netflix player. Demo available on this page.

Events/Analytics new plugin

Advanced events plugin allows to track multiple player events data using one javascript function. Optionally you can enable Google and Matomo (formerly Piwik) analytics platforms integration to track the most important events. The type of analytics platform (gtag, _ga, _gaq or _paq ) is detected automatically. Check this demo page for details.

Nuevo v10.0 comes with a lot of other improvements and fixes like updates to Google Ima plugin and Vroll Ads plugin. For example, the Google Ima plugin was extended to support nonlinear banner close and restore ad buttons.

The video resume option was updated to work with multiple playlist videos and with Preroll video (Vroll, Vast or Ima).

All .Es and .Cjs scripts have been updated. React and Vue examples are also updated to meet Nuevo v10 features and requirements.


Finally, new plugin that we are the most proud and that we spent most of the time while update.
VAST PRO plugin, offered as separate product for Nuevo v 10 release is IAB compliant, advanced library with support for VAST Linear and Nonlinear ads, VMAP, VAST icons, VAST companions and VAST Adpods (sequential Linear video ads). The plugin also features tag waterfall. It helps you to maximize ad revenue by attempting to show a valid ad from several possible ad tags.

The VAST PRO plugin is in the early experimental development, though tested successfully a lot. Multiple demos, including in-depth description and Vast XML sources were published on website.

All the new features and plugins were tested with the latest video.js v.7.20.3 version.

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