Nuevo plugin v 10.3.0 in detail

1. Chromecast-Pro Plugin

This Pro version fo the Chromecast plugin is available for GOLD Plan users and it features few new things.

  • Cast thumbnail displayed along video title and subtitle on the left. Thumbnail image is either one assigned by the user or taken from video poster image.
  • Video ads playback, from single video file or VAST protocol.
  • Video playlist playback without disconnecting Chromecast.
  • Optionally minimized player fixed to the bottom of the browser while casting.

There are several frustrating bugs in Chromecast sender API script by Google. The API doesn't allow to detect broken video or a stream. Sender API sends PlayerState IDLE event on many possible reasons (casting cancelled, casting broken, video finished). In the documentation you can find how to detect IDLE reason, unfortunately this doesn't work. We had to create a fake video ended signal to play the next video from the playlist. Another unsolved issue is that when using video ads, possible captions will not appear on the screen. Both issues were reported to Google several years ago, not fixed up today.

Demo is available hrere

2. Live clock plugin

While live streaming the plugin allows to display current time , either in the control bar or in the left-top corner of the player. The clock is fully customizable. You can show12 or 24 hour time, show seconds, change time zone and locale. Demo and usage tutorial you can reach here

3. Keyboard hotkeys plugin update

One of our users rightly pointed out that using some keyboard keys does not block CTRL, SHIFT, or ALT at the same time. This may block other shortcut functionality or unexpected fast action switching. For example, the hotkeys plugin makes use of the F key to switch fullscreen on/off. However, F key in combination with CTRL key is used in Windows to show search bar popup. The original hotkeys plugin will not allow to perform this action. The plugin by Nuevodevel have it fixed, the same like few other possible issues.

4. Default text track style programmatically.

Video.js doesn't allow to set single default styles for text tracks programmatically. For example, you can set 150%, 200% font size, but not 100% back. Version 10.3.0 of the Nuevo plugin allows you to bypass this weird restriction.

5. UpNext plugin update.

The plugin now allows to set custom title and time offset from the end as the plugin's options instead of changing it through functions when a player is ready.

6. New event when video source changed.

Any time, when changing the video source through changeSource () function or when a playlist item changes, or when UpNext video source changed, the player now fires sourceChanged event. This can be useful to reset or load new VAST or Ima ad, e.g.

player.on('sourceChanged', function() {
     player.vastAds ({tagURL: "new-vast-ad-tag-url-here" });

7. Right click context menu changes.

Custom context menu showing on right mouse click was missing localization. Now menu items are translated the same way as other player texts. There is also a new menu item showing, if only Nuevo plugin's url option is defined. This allows to copy video URL with A single click, just like on Youtube. Option url can be different any time when you change video source or for each of the playlist items.

Demos presented on website have been upgraded and make use of Nuevo 10.3.0 version and latest official version of video.js 7.21.1.

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