Thumbs Sprite Generator

Generate sprite image to show thumbs over progressbar

Generated JPG sprite image works only with videojs + Nuevo plugin and skin.
Such sprite image requires only 1 Nuevo plugin easy option to setup.
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Player Code Setup

	var player = videojs("my_player_id");
	player.nuevo ({
		slideImage: "path-to/sprite.jpg",
		slideWidth: 160,
Upload a file
Accepted video formats
avi, mpg, mov, asf, mpeg, xvid, divx, mkv, mp4, rm, wmv, m4s, mt2s, flv, ogg, ogv, webm
Please note: Generating sprite image is relatively fast process, however uploading video file may take some time depending on video filesize.
Default size for single thumb over progressbar is 192x108 px (16x9 aspect ratio)..
Generator allows to use any other dimension, however thumb width and height must be assigned as "nuevo" plugin options if different than default values.
The generator on this site generates sprite image with thumbs, each of 90px height and width according to video aspect ratio. Most often single thumb is of size 160x90.