Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before any Use of Nuevodevel Products.
The Products are available in different Editions. Certain rights, obligations and restrictions vary by Edition. Unless otherwise stated, terms apply to all Editions.
The javascript-based products by are commercial projects, not open source code. Please consider these TERMS OF SERVICE before you decide to purchase.

Products & Upgrades

These Terms of Service apply to all products offered by The user's rights and licenses to Use Products are limited to the Edition for which it has enrolled. Products other than those permitted by these Terms of Service is strictly prohibited. Nuevodevel Company reserves all rights and licenses not expressly granted hereunder.

User License

The company hereby grants to User and User hereby accepts a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-replaceable, non-distributable, non-sublicensable, non-returnable, limited right and license, solely for the Purpose of using, accessing, and installing the Products, using the code from examples and online tutorials.
The license is valid for top-level domain name registered by the user. This means that a licensed product works when the document URL string that you load products from contains a registered top-level domain name. The licence registered for top-level domain is valid for any subdomain.
The license for each product is also valid for the "localhost" hostname, useful to test software in the local environment. It's also valid for a few popular online code editors, including JSFiddle, JS Bin, CodePen, and CodeSandbox. If it's not enough, each user is entitled to register one more extra domain FREE. The license, once given, cannot be transferred to anoother domain name for any reason. The user has always an option to purchase a license for a new domain name at about half the price of the selected plan.
Once the license is given and the software is ready to download, it cannot be a matter of dispute or refund request. This is not a physical good that can be a matter of return. The license cannot be canceled or transferred to another domain.


The User is prohibited from providing false or misleading sign-up information. This concerns User's email address and domain name for the Licensed Product to be used on. The Company reserves the right to refuse registration or cancel account that it reasonably believes is in violation of the foregoing. The user shall be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of its password and is liable for all activities that occur on its account. The User agrees to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized use of User's email address, password, or other breach of account security.

SDK & Showcase

The Company may update the SDKs and Nuevodevel Showcase at any time. Updates may have features or functionality that differ from those of the current SDK & Showcase. The User shall incorporate any critical updates into its Nuevodevel Product Implementations.


The user shall not Distribute, re-license, sell, lease, transfer, share, encumber, assign or make available for public use the Products or any Adaptation thereof.

Maintenance and Support

Online Documentation is located on pages at , separately for each Product. For each Product purchased and downloaded Company delivers basic HTML examples of Product's usage, including code tutorials. The Company shall have no obligation to provide additional technical support, maintenance or enhancements to the Products or to provide customer service or support Users's End. All installation and maintenance of the Products by User shall be at the sole expense of the User. User or User's company shall have enough experience to install software in his environment, according to online documentation, multiple code tutorials and html examples included with the software. The Company is not responsible for performance issues caused by low-performance End-User computers, low-bandwidth End-User Internet connections, periodic network congestion among network providers, low-bandwidth connectivity for images and video sources, corrupted or not supported media formats, improperly configured HTML or script code, issues in the coding platform or environment that User intends to use. User or User's company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to keep his Services to acceptable performance levels. User or User's Company must have enough experience to properly configure code in the User's web environment. User or User's company should be aware of media file formats, browsers and devices requirements and limitations. Nuevodevel Company provides standard email support. The level of support depends on the information provided by the user.


Nuevodevel may use User Information and Data to: deliver the Products; manage User's account; provide customer support and communicate with User by email. As part of the continued development and improvement of the Products, User authorizes Company to update Products, fix errors and publish appropriate information for the User.


Fees are provided on an applicable Order Form or checkout page. The Company may modify the Fees and offers.

Purchase accepts payment through PayPal, a well-known, trusted, and secure way to make payments over the Internet. Each transaction is verified manually and depending on day time it may take up to 24 hours before the purchased product is ready for download.

Refunds and Disputes does not accept refund requests. The software is not a physical good that might be a matter of return. Once the license is given and the software is downloaded, refund requests will not be accepted.
The user may test the free version of video.js framework and review almost every aspect of our plugin(s) functionality online on website prior to purchase.
The most common dispute reasons—like item not received or item not as described—are not acceptable. The software is always available to download after purchase. The software is exactly the same as presented in the multiple demos on website and in the examples included in the download package. The installation and maintenance of the software are the sole responsibility of the User.

Limited Product Warranty

Nuevodevel Company warrants that it will provide the Products in a manner consistent with general industry standards reasonably applicable to the provision thereof. The Company does not warrant that the Products will be error-free or that any errors in the Products will be corrected.