Internet Explorer 11 support

Alerted by one user we have decided to look closer at not working player on each of demo pages, even if IE 11 is a pretty old browser and Micosoft ended support for this last version of Internet Explorer in June this year. Explorer was once a major player in the internet, today it holds about 2-3% of the market, and IE11 share is 0.32% only.

We have found that several modern javascript functions and tags are not supported by IE 11. Main trouble was with arrow functions widely used today, also with Intersection Observer that are not supported in IE. For this reason, in version 10.0.1 of our software we decided to update several javascript plugins. This includes Nuevo plugin, Filters plugin, UpNext, Chrmecast, Thumbnails, Offline, Events and Vast-Pro plugins.

But this was not the end of the trouble with IE 11, the player still was not playing. Then we found the reason is a minimized version of video.js script. Once we minimized it on behalf, the player suddenly started to work on nearly every demo page

However, remember, that playing videos on IE 11 cannot be same smooth as in modern browsers. Also not every player feature will work. It is not possible to set graphical filters to video, VR display is not supported.

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