Outstream Ads


VastPro plugin allows to play OUTSTREAM video vast and non-standard ads. Outstream video ads are a great way to boost your ad revenues, especially on pages without dedicated video content.
An outstream video ad is a video ad without content following it. Only the ad is displayed to the viewer. The video ad type must be a linear creative. Non-linear ads, industry icons, companions will be discarded by the player if presented.
The Vast-Pro plugin accepts preroll VAST linear ad or non-standard ad. Vast ad pods (multiple ad videos playing one by one) are allowed. Ad-waterfalling for VAST is supported as well.
By default outstream ad is muted. Ad video will play automatically if only the player is in viewport. Playback is paused when the player goes out of the viewport.
The user can decide if the player should be muted or with the sound (if the browser allows it). The user can decide if the big Unmute button should be displayed. Close Ad button (if enabled in plugin's options) removes the player and each empty parent element from website page. Finally, the user can order to close ad and remove the player automatically when ad(s) playback is finished.
Outstream ad player mainly appears inside text-based content, like articles. However, there is no limit for the player size and position. Can be a full-size player, floated or centered inside article, fixed to one of page corners, etc.
Article floated right Fixed right-bottom
Since outstream player does not use advanced layout and options, you do not need to load and initialize Nuevo plugin at all!
Code snippet
// Setup video element without source(s)
<video id="outstream_player" class="video-js" controls playsinline width="640" height="360">
// Load skin css if not loaded before
<link href="//www.domain.com/videojs/skins/nuevo/videojs.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
// Load javascripts if not loaded before
<link href="//www.domain.com/videojs/videojs.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="//www.domain.com/videojs/plugins/vastpro.js" rel="stylesheet">
// Initialize player and vastpro plugin
player.vastAds (
{tagURL: "vast-ad-tag-url"} , {closeButton:true}
To use non-standard ad, initialize the plugin this way:
Code snippet
player.vastAds (
ads: [{
media: {src:"video-source-url.mp4",type:"video/mp4"},
clickthrough: "ad-click-url"
id: "ad-unique-id",
trackingUrl: "tracking-script-url"
As you can see, the second object from the VastPro plugin's parameters is used to set possible settings like a close button in the top-left corner. Other possible options that you may use (separated by commas) are:
  • autoClose:true - to remove the player once the ad finished
  • muted:false - to start video with the sound, if the browser allows it
  • muteIcon:false - to hide big Unmute button
An example above plays ads from VAST with 2 video ad pods with default settings of the Vast-Pro plugin.s. Fixed and floated small player use the plugin's options to show close button, hide big mute button and to remove a player from the page when ad(s) finished (setup code below).
Code snippet
player.vastAds (
{tagURL: "vast-ad-tag-url"} , {closeButton:true,muteIcon:false,autoClose:true}

The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product for Nuevo software version minimum 10.0 licence holders.
Lifetime license per domain can be ordered upon first order, or any time later in client area.
Nuevo software GOLD plan users are entitled to an almost 40% discount off the basic price.