Nuevo plugin version 5.4.0 + Chromecast plugin v.2

As we stated in a previous post, recently we have focused on developing a better Chromecast plugin for Video.js with Nuevo plugin. After 2 weeks of work and tests we are happy to announce that Nuevo plugin version 5.4 and new version of Chromecast plugin was just released

Video.js Chromecast

Current development news

Nuevo plugin for video.js framework by (previously is constantly developed since 2017.

It is updated pretty often for new features, options, or to fix possible issues. Currently we are working on better Chromecast support through video.js and Nuevo plugin. Our goal is to make nuevo plugin's playlist items working with Chromecast smoothly, when a playlist item is changing, both: automatically or triggered manually.

Disappearing menu after Ima ad

We have just discovered that using VAST or Google Ima video preroll ad cause that video.js "firstplay" event is never triggered.

Nuevo plugin executes a lot of code on "firsplay" event. When "firstplay" not triggered, settings button and all possible menus are never initialized. Other visible issues are with progressbar thumbs, watch video limit plugin and zooming options.

Nuevo v 5.3 for better ZOOM experience

From some time videojs supports some basic hotkeys, Unfortunately this affects possible coding and usage of other hotkeys.

Nuevo plugin's ZOOM option was using some hotkeys to zoom and move video zoomed area. Unfortunately this could be affected by videojs original hotkeys. For this reason we decided to rebuild zoom feature completeley in latest version of Nuevo plugin v 5.3.

Google cache and Video player with Nuevo plugin

We have found that Google cached website page with the player and Nuevo plugin shows "Product Not Registered" on black player screen. Even if Googlebot see your website properly, later if you check Google cached version of your page, it may show as described above.

Why Google Cache is Important for SEO

Video and Google Cache

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