Videojs - load VTT tracks programatically

Nuevo plugin version 6.3.1 for videojs player introduce new method to load VTT tracks programmatically. Method loadTracks can be used to load VTT files with captions (subtitles), chapters or even preview thumbnails protocol. loadTracks can be used once Nuevo plugin is loaded.

Code tutorial on using loadTracks method to load VTT chapters was already presented and is used on Videojs chapters example page. It is quite easy and especially useful for iOS devices. Chapters loaded through HTML Tag will not appear on iOS device opposite to chapters loaded programmatically.

iOS limitations for media HLS streaming

Recently we often receive inquiries about different HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS) on iOS devices. Well, this is not a player or a plugin error, but what iOS device support for HLS streaming is.

iOS HLS video

Most of moderns browsers with HTML5 support make use of Media Source Extension (MSE) API to implementat code for streaming media entirely in JavaScript.

Ima plugin - reset and request ads

In a previous blog we have described how to reset or set new VAST ads either for video playlist items or for new video loaded programmatically. Now we will describe how to reset or load new Google video ads, also know as Google Ima ads, served through Ima plugin by Google.

Reset Vast ads programatically - Videojs

Updated VAST/VPAID plugin (version 2.0) now features few options to reset and reuse VAST/VPAID ads when video changed and loaded programmatically or for videos from the playlist.

Videojs VAST reset

Nuevo plugin has been updated not to allow video source changed while VAST/VPAID ad playing. Same concerns video from playlist. You can't switch to the new video item when ad is playing.

Here's an example of video with VAST preroll and the option to change video source. Once video source changed, VAST is reseted and reused!

Set video source programmatically

Several users asked us how to set media source and corresponding data like captions, chapters, etc. progrmmatically instead of video element parameters.

Usually people make use of videojs src() function to load media source programattically, however it allows only to set media source. With Nuevo plugin you can make use of changeSource() function. Hoever since this is Nuevo plugin function, you can use it only once Nuevo plugin is loaded.

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