HTTP streaming qualities revisited

Due to many inquiries from our users about HTTP streaming qualities we have decided to share our thoughts and experience in this matter.

The HLS or DASH master playlist describes all of the available variants for your media content. Each variant is a version of the same stream at a particular bit rate and is contained in a separate playlist. The player is tuned to use the most appropriate variant based on the measured network bit rate to minimize stalling of playback, to give the user the best possible streaming experience.

Nuevo v 9.0 for video.js new release

On Christmas 2021 we decided to release new major version of the Nuevo software, set of unique plugins for video.js framework.

Version 9.0.0 features few completely new things and some significant updates as well.

Backup or redundant HLS stream

HLS redundant streams are an often forgotten part of HLS's functionality. The videojs framework supports backup or redundant HLS stream by default..

Some of users may not know about it, may not understand how it works or how to setup failover for his HLS stream.

When you're live streaming, everything has to go off perfectly, every time. Sometimes though there are several fundamental risks - BGP leaks, large-scale CDN outages, which present significant problems to even the largest streaming video platforms.

What are icons of the video.js player skins?

We have received several questions about icons used across video.js player skins by

IcoMoon App

Generally, all icons are vector icons inserted in HTML via the CSS @font-face declaration in exactly the same way as default video.js font in default css stylesheet. The font in skins by is named "nuevo" and is declared in the skin css file as Base64 encoded WOFF font.

Nuevo version 8.0.0 major update

Version 8.0.0 of Nuevo software is the most significant update ever!

  1. At first we completely rebuilt the code related to quality picker to improve performance and stability, but also to support 3rd party hlsjs plugin, an alternative for video.js default VHS handler used to stream HLS media files.

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