Current development news

Nuevo plugin for video.js framework by (previously is constantly developed since 2017.

It is updated pretty often for new features, options, or to fix possible issues. Currently we are working on better Chromecast support through video.js and Nuevo plugin. Our goal is to make nuevo plugin's playlist items working with Chromecast smoothly, when a playlist item is changing, both: automatically or triggered manually.

We also want to make Chromecast to read the title and subtitle automatically from player setting options or video item details, without the need to setup it through a separate javascript function. Nuevo plugin with new Chromecast support should be released relatively fast, but as always first it requires some coding and multiple tests.

Next plan for our plugin is to adopt it and all available skins for new VAST/VPAID plugin, not based on Google Ima libray. As always designing work takes a lot of time, so it may take some time, but we hope to release new VAST/VPAID solution rather withing few weeks than months.

Another project we are working on at the moment is a small video database user interface. It will allow to save information about each video and generate player code, ready to copy&paste on your website or a blog. The UI will also come with player settings, so you could fit player display options according to your needs. We also plan to add a Wordpress oEmbed feature for super easy embedding videos on Wordpress blog.

And the last project currently under development is revolutionary video/movie script. It redefines the definition of video scripts that are currently available on the market completely. It's too early to write about the details, but we are really excited to work on it and hope to release it in the first half of 2020 year.

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