VAST/VPAID Plugin for Video.js with Nuevo plugin v 5.6

Faster than expected we are happy to announce that we have published VAST/VPAID plugin for Video.js with Nuevo plugin and skins. This is also the reason of Nuevo plugin upgrade to version 5.6


Basically Nuevo plugin version 5.6 does not differ from previous version 5.3. Mainly the code was updated and optimized for new VAST/VPAID plugin, which is included ontly in Nuevo GOLD package. For the same reason each skin by has been updated for best possible VAST/VPAID playback.

The only new thing is "rightClick" event fired when contextMenu is set to false. This allows webmaster to use javascript code to generate and display own dialog window with any HTML content when user right click over player.

VAST/VPAID plugin adopted to Video.js versions 6 and 7 with Nuevo plugin has been extented with code to support playback of multiple VAST and/or VPAID ads for same video, one after another or at desired position (midroll) or at the end of video (postroll)

Each ad fires several events, easy to control through javascript.

For details check our VAST Demo and VPAID demo pages.

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