Nuevo v 5.3 for better ZOOM experience

From some time videojs supports some basic hotkeys, Unfortunately this affects possible coding and usage of other hotkeys.

Nuevo plugin's ZOOM option was using some hotkeys to zoom and move video zoomed area. Unfortunately this could be affected by videojs original hotkeys. For this reason we decided to rebuild zoom feature completeley in latest version of Nuevo plugin v 5.3.

Now instead of keyboard hotkeys you can drag your mouse or use a finger on touchscreen to move zoomed area in ay direction. When zoom is greater than 100% a small bar in top left corner is displayed with zoom value and 3 buttons that allows to center zoomed area, reset zoom and display information about zooming options. Small zoom slider from settings menu was significantly improved for touch experience on touchscreen browser.

New option, disabled by default is zoomWheel. If enabled you will be able to zoom in video using mouse wheel on desktop browser. On touchscreen new slider overlayed directly on video allows to zoom video fast, in easy way.

Check new, dedidcated zoom example with zoomWheel option enabled, ZOOM DEMO

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