Midroll video support for Video.js player

Since version 5.01 of Nuevo plugin for video.js player, the Gold Plan now includes new Midroll videos built-in plugin. It was much more complicated to implement than preroll video.

Video.js midroll videos

Nuevo plugin for video.js version 5.01

A small update to Nuevo plugin. This is now version 5.01

In some scenarios player controlbar can be too high. We have received reports that Google Ima banner ad covers controlbar and it becomes not clickable. Of course, everyone can modify player's stylesheet files on his own, but for most users this is too complicated.

For this reason we have edited the most affected "Pinky" skin style and made controlbar 15 pixels thinner.

Video.js skins update

Pause video when user switches browser's tab

You might be curious how to pause video.js player when user switches browser's TAB and resume playback when user's back to your website page. This is what you can find on most of our website demo and examples page.

Pause video on tab switch

This is not complicated task using document "visibilitychange" event through javascript.

Video.js Player Overlay Ad

Certainly many of you have seen Banner Ad centered over video player when you pause playback. This is a simple but effective technique to increase Ads revenue. Unfortunately, such solution cannot be set through player or plugin code. Banner Ad is usually generated by Ad Company on the fly through javascript or iframe object and shows once website HTML interpreted by the browser. So the Ad Banner code must be a part of HTML, not generated by a player.

Still, it is possible to interact with player events and manipulate independent HTML content in any way you want, including Advertising Banner display.

Video.js change media source or reconnect

Many users ask how to change video.js source on the fly. You can find some tips in multiple posts however, none is complete or some of player settings not available to set.

Especially when using video.js with Nuevo plugin changing media source with support for multiple possible features and options is not possible without dedicated method.

Nuevo plugin version 5 comes with such dedicated method which allows to change media source and several other media related settings using one javascript function.

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