Video.js Player Overlay Ad

Certainly many of you have seen Banner Ad centered over video player when you pause playback. This is a simple but effective technique to increase Ads revenue. Unfortunately, such solution cannot be set through player or plugin code. Banner Ad is usually generated by Ad Company on the fly through javascript or iframe object and shows once website HTML interpreted by the browser. So the Ad Banner code must be a part of HTML, not generated by a player.

Still, it is possible to interact with player events and manipulate independent HTML content in any way you want, including Advertising Banner display.

Video.js change media source or reconnect

Many users ask how to change video.js source on the fly. You can find some tips in multiple posts however, none is complete or some of player settings not available to set.

Especially when using video.js with Nuevo plugin changing media source with support for multiple possible features and options is not possible without dedicated method.

Nuevo plugin version 5 comes with such dedicated method which allows to change media source and several other media related settings using one javascript function.

Nuevo plugin version 5 released.

New version 5 of Nuevo plugin for Video.js was the reason to set up a new website and new domain for this and other related products. This is like a new start in our development history.

There are many changes and improvements in the new version of our plugin and one more custom skin for a player inspired by "Shaka" player design.

Videojs Shaka Skin

The quality picker was revisited once again. Now it automatically excludes possible duplicated qualities, For HLS or MPEG/DASH streams it shows Auto quality resolution or bitrate value, changing it while the player resized or bandwidth drastically drops/increases. Now it's also possible to get back to auto quality if you switched it before to static resolution.

Welcome to Nuevodevel is new website maintained by a small company of developers (father and son), actually specializing in web video programming. The website is new, but we are not new in the video business.

We have over 20 years experience in programming and about 15 years in developing commercial software.

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