Midroll video support for Video.js player

Since version 5.01 of Nuevo plugin for video.js player, the Gold Plan now includes new Midroll videos built-in plugin. It was much more complicated to implement than preroll video.

Video.js midroll videos

Midroll video introduced as a part of Nuevo plugin is especially useful for those who wish to present own video ads inventory in elegant way. It's relatively easy to setup single or multiple midroll videos.

Midroll video starts playback based on time offset set by user. For non-live videos this can be a value in seconds or in percent of main vaideo duration, For live videos time offset must be numeric value. This is obvious since live video duration is infinite.

You can play multiple midroll videos at different start time position or even play multiple midroll videos one after another. For each midroll you can setup skip time value.

Midroll video is played through separate video element. Disadvantage of such solution is that on iOS mobile device it starts playing muted. However we think it's better solution than have it playing through same video element non-muted, but reloading main video and seeking in time with buffering or reconnecting live video everytime when midroll is finished. Another tweak we made for midroll video is how it's playing on iOS device in fullscreen mode. Most of players have trouble with it. Even Google Ima Ads engine. In our version midroll does not start playing in fullscreen on iOS, but starts playing when user is back from fulscreen. When midroll playing, fullscreen option is disabled.

Important thing is to set video element with "playsinline" attribute for IOS or midroll (and any other midroll from any other ad network) won't play, or even block main video to play.

Live example of multiple midroll videos you can see on www.nuevodevel.com/nuevo/showcase/midroll

Demo page includes examples of midroll code setup.


Since Nuevo plugin version 5.2 midroll video option became a part of global "vroll" plugin. Vroll system is built-in into Nuevo plugin (Premium and Gold versions) and supports preroll, midroll and postroll video.

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