Google cache and Video player with Nuevo plugin

We have found that Google cached website page with the player and Nuevo plugin shows "Product Not Registered" on black player screen. Even if Googlebot see your website properly, later if you check Google cached version of your page, it may show as described above.

Why Google Cache is Important for SEO

Video and Google Cache

Technically, cache exists in two ways: as an image of a web page and as a “text-only” version of a page’s content. It is possible to see either one of these by searching in Google, and examining the search results. The text-only version of page cache is important for SEO as it provides a scaled-down version of pure site content - minus design elements, media files and everything else. Viewing this provides one with an idea as to what keywords and content indexers are actually being seen, and what elements of the page are meaningless to a search. Understanding the importance of cache, and how it can improve optimization, is essential knowledge for those website owners and designers looking for every method possible to improve page rank!

Whatever type of page cache is, having all player code and elements with information about product not registered certainly is not what we want to have on our cached website page.

For this reason we've made few changes to Nuevo plugin code, and now if license not found, it will show video poster image with appropriate information. The number of player ID element's children will be reduced to one image and short text information. This will ensure the best practice fro SEO.

This important FIX was applied to Nuevo plugin version 5.2 (now available as 5.2.1) on February 10.2020.

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