Nuevo plugin for video.js version 5.01

A small update to Nuevo plugin. This is now version 5.01

In some scenarios player controlbar can be too high. We have received reports that Google Ima banner ad covers controlbar and it becomes not clickable. Of course, everyone can modify player's stylesheet files on his own, but for most users this is too complicated.

For this reason we have edited the most affected "Pinky" skin style and made controlbar 15 pixels thinner.

Video.js skins update

Another update also concerns player layout. As far when player's width smaller than 480px, for example on mobile devices in portrait mode, qualities menu was covering the entire player container, just like JWPlayer. We found it not so nice and not handy. We have changed it to 40% of container width, aligned to right. Qualities menu is enough wide to access even on small devices. On touchscreen device you can scroll qualities menu if number of qualities exceeds player's height.

Now you can also enjoy new "Rewind" button in the controlbar. It allows to rewind video 10 seconds back. It is possible to disable Rewind button by setting 'buttonRewind' option to false. Rewind button is not showing for LIVE stream for obvious reason.

Video.js preroll video

The last update concerns preroll video feature. As far preroll video was supplied as separate video element. This was not perfect solution for mobile devices sue to system restrictions. Preroll video has to be muted when started to play, was not working properly for adaptive streams and certain player setup. Now preorll video plays through same video element so there is no problem to play it on mobile devices. It was also tested to work correctly with HLS or MPEG-DASH stream.

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