Nuevo plugin for video.js minor update (5.2)

Another small but important update of Nuevo plugin for vido;js player.

This time we have replaced previous Preroll and Midroll video options with new single Vroll system and added Postroll video support. Like before, you can play preroll video, multiple midroll video and now also postroll video using one vroll system.

For most of browsers and devices video ads are loaded in separate video container to ensure maximum smooth effect while switching between videos. It's different on iOS devices due to iOS autoplay and fullscreen restrictions.

Nuevo plugin v5.2 with Chromecast support

iOS does not allow to autoplay video if not muted, it's not possible to switch between 2 different video containers in fullscreen mode, video goes paused when back from fullscreen on iOS. For these reasons the only way to keep video ad working properly on iOS it must be played through same video container. Of course it is not same smooth as on desktop browsers or on Android device.

We also reviewed Silvermine Chromecast Plugin for use with video.js and Nuevo plugin. We found this plugin necessary to tweak.

Original plugin offers a weird minimized video view when casting to TV, functions to show title/subtitle on screen do not work, Chromecast button may not be aligned properly in the controlbar. After tweaking the code, player looks much better while casting to TV, you can easily setup Chromecast title/subtitle, which appear on TV properly, you can decide to show bigger Chromecast button in top-left corner of the player or in the controlbar right before fullscreen button.

Chromecast button works fine on desktop devices using Chrome and Opera browsers. It also works properly on Android devices and Chrome browsers. Again, due to iOS limits and restrictions it does not work on the iPhone/iPad, no matter what browser used. iOS browsers do not have Chromecast extension implemented and Chromecast support can be applied only through iOS app.

Video vroll system for prerol, midroll and postroll video ads is included in Nuevo plugin PREMIUM and GOLD packages.

Tweaked Chromecast plugin is included in all Nuevo plugin packages, Nuevo skins are prepared to display Chromecast button and show appropriate player layout when connected to TV. All you need is to load and setup chromecast plugin according to tutorial on Chromecast Demo page.

This time we also took a look at player rendering time to minimize number of server requests and avoid loading unnecessary resources. We have found few issues and all have been fixed. It's about images like big play icon, progress bar thumbs image, related thumbs, limit image, etc. Now such resources are not loaded until player starts to play. Website load time is not abused by any player image resource!

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