Nuevo plugin version 5 released.

New version 5 of Nuevo plugin for Video.js was the reason to set up a new website and new domain for this and other related products. This is like a new start in our development history.

There are many changes and improvements in the new version of our plugin and one more custom skin for a player inspired by "Shaka" player design.

Videojs Shaka Skin

The quality picker was revisited once again. Now it automatically excludes possible duplicated qualities, For HLS or MPEG/DASH streams it shows Auto quality resolution or bitrate value, changing it while the player resized or bandwidth drastically drops/increases. Now it's also possible to get back to auto quality if you switched it before to static resolution.

The main visible change is new unique media playlist feature. It's quite different than you can see for any other player, with several navigation options. Playlist allows to switch between different types of media with option to support new media qualities menu or progressbar thumbs.

Videojs Shaka Skin

Switching between MPEG/DASH qualities is very fast now comparing to ~30 seconds latency before. All of Nuevo skins were revisited to support latest video.js version and new Nuevo playlist feature. Related video container was redesigned for fully responsive view with touch scroll support on touchscreen devices.

The new version comes with a custom context menu on right click. By default it shows Nuevodevel credits, but it's easy to change and you can either order to hide context menu ciompletely or setup own website/company credits.

And finally a new version of the plugin includes several improvements that we found necessary to add or suggested by our users.


Already after few days Nuevo plugin has been updated to minor version 5.01

It features few new latyout features and improvements + totally reprogrammed video preroll plugin.

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