Videojs - reconnect live stream automatically

When you attempt to play live stream, but media server is down or disconnected the the video.js player keeps loading playlist continuously every 5 seconds about. If you leave the website page in this state or try to reconnect media server by reloading video source programmatically, after few minutes the browser may crash due to lack of memory.

Live stream offline

Videojs fires "retryplaylist" event every 5 seconds about, when the only one HLS playlist or final rendition of the HLS playlist failed to load media file. In Nuevo plugin (from version 6.0.1) we have added a few options to limit the number of playlist loading retries and play "offline" video once the limit reached. When "offline" video ended, the browser is automatically refreshed and attempts to load Hls playlist again.

Set video source programmatically

Several users asked us how to set media source and corresponding data like captions, chapters, etc. progrmmatically instead of video element parameters.

Usually people make use of videojs src() function to load media source programattically, however it allows only to set media source. With Nuevo plugin you can make use of changeSource() function. Hoever since this is Nuevo plugin function, you can use it only once Nuevo plugin is loaded.

Nuevo plugin v 6 for Videojs released

We decided to release new MAJOR version of the Nuevo plugin for videojs player.

Version 6.0.0 features all skins heavily redesigned for better performance regardless of the size of the player. This especially concerns button menus, for small size player, e.g. on the mobile device in portrait mode. As far button menu items number was limited in display. Now it's showing as many language, chapter or audio items as device or browser's full height allows.

Nuevo plugin v 5.7 with new version of Chromecast plugin

We have just updated our Chromecast plugin. The plugin v 3.0 now allows to cast text tracks (VTT format) known as Captions or Subtitles. Subtitles/Cpations can be in multiple languages, When casting you can switch between languages from controlbar menu.

You can change current video programmatically, including text tracks without need to reconnect cast session. You can also use Nuevo playlist and play media with subtitles one after another or select it manually.

Video.js - Change video source with captions programatically

Few months ago we have posted about Nuevo plugin function changeSource. which allows to change video source(s) programmatically, including change of several other video settings like video poster, video title and thumbnails slide image. The function proved to be useful also for playlist of videos introduced through Nuevo plugin.

Some of our users asked about option to change also captions for new video source. We are proud to announce that it's possible in latest 5.6.1 version of Nuevo plugin. When changing video source, now text tracks, video tracks and audio tracks are reseted automatically. You can assign new tracks programatically.

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