Web video player on touchscreen

When developing major version of the Nuevo plugin v10 and each following minor version, we focused heavily on the player's layout and performance on touch devices. One of the most important tasks was to differ touch and mouse support, not only when the player is initially rendered, but also later when the user decides to connect or disconnect the mouse on his touch device. This is possible with the most of the tablets, and on laptops with touch screen support.

Internet Explorer 11 support

Alerted by one user we have decided to look closer at not working player on each of demo pages, even if IE 11 is a pretty old browser and Micosoft ended support for this last version of Internet Explorer in June this year. Explorer was once a major player in the internet, today it holds about 2-3% of the market, and IE11 share is 0.32% only.

Nuevo plugin v10 for video.js major update

We are proud to announce new major version 10 of the Nuevo plugin and skins for video.js framework.

Same like each previous major update, v10 comes with a huge number of changes, improvements and new features listed below.

Nuevo version 9.4.0 released

Latest version 9.4.0 of Nuevo software has been released on March 10, 2022

  • Standard javascript Hlsjs plugin has benn updated to make use of latest Hls.js version v. 1.1.5. In React, Vue, Nextjs environment you need to import Hls.js separately, best latest version.

Localhost explained

We have a number of users who try to review website with the video.js player and our Nuevo plugin through localhost. This is possible as our software license includes one for localhost. However first the user must realize what localhost is.

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