Video.js v. 8.0 new release

Video.js version 8.0 and Video.js HTTP Streaming (VHS) version 3.0 has been released and the latest stable version is 8.0.4, released February 2, 2023. The new release includes a lot of housecleaning tasks, and some changes that force developers to migrate their plugins and skins. The minfied and gzipped size of Video.js is reduced by around 3%, and this is probably the first step on the way to optimize the size of the Video.js even more.

Nuevo plugin v 10.3.0 in detail

1. Chromecast-Pro Plugin

This Pro version fo the Chromecast plugin is available for GOLD Plan users and it features few new things.

  • Cast thumbnail displayed along video title and subtitle on the left. Thumbnail image is either one assigned by the user or taken from video poster image.
  • Video ads playback, from single video file or VAST protocol.
  • Video playlist playback without disconnecting Chromecast.
  • Optionally minimized player fixed to the bottom of the browser while casting.

About HEVC/H.265 and browsers support

The successor to H.264, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265)is newer and more advanced than H.264 in several ways for video compression used in recording and distributing digital video.

HEVC H.265

The main difference between H.264 and H.265 is how each processes information and the resulting video file size and bandwidth consumption used with each standard. H.264 processes frames of video using macroblocks, while H.265 processes information using coding tree units (CTUs). CTUs process information more efficiently, which results in a smaller file size and less bandwidth used for your streamed video.

Web video player on touchscreen

When developing major version of the Nuevo plugin v10 and each following minor version, we focused heavily on the player's layout and performance on touch devices. One of the most important tasks was to differ touch and mouse support, not only when the player is initially rendered, but also later when the user decides to connect or disconnect the mouse on his touch device. This is possible with the most of the tablets, and on laptops with touch screen support.

Internet Explorer 11 support

Alerted by one user we have decided to look closer at not working player on each of demo pages, even if IE 11 is a pretty old browser and Micosoft ended support for this last version of Internet Explorer in June this year. Explorer was once a major player in the internet, today it holds about 2-3% of the market, and IE11 share is 0.32% only.

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