Video.js - Live stream offline options

Latest (minor) version 7.2.1 of Nuevo plugin for Video.js features 2 new experimental options to show custom image or play custom stream when live stream is offline.

Since Nuevo plugin version 8.0 all offline methods and options have been depreciated. New offline plugin is an easy to use alternative to show image or play video when live stream is temporary not available.

Videojs offline image

Few words of explanation. How do we know that live stream is offline?

Nuevo 7.2.0 minor update

Minor update of Nuevo plugin has been released!

The video.js default player is missing custom tooltips for control bar buttons, instead shows only default tooltips based on |title| attribute. New version of Nuevo plugin is the first attempt to display custom tooltips and hide defaults.

Nuevo v 7.0 released.

We are glad to announce the new major version of the Nuevo plugin v 7.0.

New version comes with several important changes and new features applied to Nuevo plugin. Also, some of the most important related plugins by were updated!.

As far the Nuevo plugin was not well prepared to play audio media files. This has changed and looks to be much better than in default video.js player. Same like it is in default video.js player the poster remains on top while playing audio track and use pseudo fullscreen mode on iOS devices. Nuevo plugin v7 now features audioInfo set of options. Certainly this allows to have a more professional layout for audio tracks, but also brings great functionality for streaming audio through Chromecast.

Resume live stream after it was paused

Many videojs users report a trouble with resuming live stream once it was paused after some time. We also experienced the same issue. Once a live stream paused, after some time it's impossible to resume it and continue to play and you must reload website page to play again.

We have checked the JWPlayer and found that it reconnects live stream every time when it was paused and resumed to play.

So we've decided to include some code into Nuevo plugin and force videojs player to work same like JW. Since version 6.4.0 of Nuevo plugin this is how the player works now for live stream by default.

Videojs - load VTT tracks programatically

Nuevo plugin version 6.3.1 for videojs player introduce new method to load VTT tracks programmatically. Method loadTracks can be used to load VTT files with captions (subtitles), chapters or even preview thumbnails protocol. loadTracks can be used once Nuevo plugin is loaded.

Code tutorial on using loadTracks method to load VTT chapters was already presented and is used on Videojs chapters example page. It is quite easy and especially useful for iOS devices. Chapters loaded through HTML Tag will not appear on iOS device opposite to chapters loaded programmatically.

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