VAST Examples


Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is a standardized protocol for delivering in-stream ads from video ad servers to different kinds of video players. The project introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of over 180 member companies actively engaged in the creation and execution of digital video advertising. This includes Google & YouTube, Brightcove, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo!,, to name only a few.

Most video players with VAST support are focused on playing inline video ads, most often single pre-roll videos. Only a few commercial players utilize more of VAST's advertising potential.
The PRO version of the VAST plugin by supports most of the VAST functionality. This includes support for the VMAP protocol, nonlinear ads, vast icons, vast companions, sequential ad pods, outstream video ads, and non-Vast (javascript-based) ads. This makes the VASTPro plugin one of the most advanced advertising solutions on the market!
There are many articles, posts, and guides about VAST usage. But the most valuable are IAB Techlab resources, of course.

Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP)
VMAP v1.0.1 Specification PDF
VAST 3.0 Specification, Page 46
Vast Icons
VAST 4.0 Specification, Page 47
Nonlinear Ads
VAST 4.0 Specification, Page 50
VAST 4.0 Specification, Page 52