VMAP is an XML template to describe the structure for multi-ad inventory. It can contain any combination of VAST pre-rolls, mid-rolls and/or post-rolls.An official VMAP protocol has been introduced by IAB Tech Lab on this page.
VMAP does not define the ads themselves. VMAP defines the ad breaks with VAST tags, including the timing for each break. The video player executes VAST ads at the time specified by VMAP. The following diagram illustrates the hierarchy of VMAP used in the example above.
VMAP structure
Example VMAP is a list of three breaks, each with a different VAST tag, to play one pre-roll ad, two mid-roll ads (adpods) at 00:25 and one post-roll ad.

As an alternative to VMAP the plugin supports a Javascript array of Vast tags to execute at the time specified by each break.
Code snippet
player.vast (
ads: [
{tagURL: "preroll-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "start"},
{tagURL: "midroll-1-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "25"},
{tagURL: "midroll-2-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "50%"},
{tagURL: "postroll-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "end"}
  • For the pre-roll ad, timeOffset value should be "start," or you can skip the timeOffset parameter at all.
  • For a mid-roll ad, timeOffset value is either a number of seconds or a time value in format hh:mm:ss or hh:mm:ss.mmm or as percentage value (0-100) of the total video content duration.
  • For the post-roll ad timeOffset value must be "end".
For each break in the list of ads, you can define a separate config set of vast settings, e.g.
Code snippet
player.vast (
ads: [
tagURL: "preroll-ad-tag-url",
timeOffset: "start",
tagURL: "midroll-1-ad-tag-url",
timeOffset: "25",
The Vast tagURL used for each list item is not the only choice. It is also possible to define the media (src + type) and time skip option to play at the desired time position. It is even possible to mix these two different methods of ad definition. Have a look at this demo to see how it can be done.
The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product, working with th video.js player and Nuevo plugin.
A lifetime license can be ordered upon the first Nuevo software order, or at any time later in the client area.