VMAP is an XML template to describe the structure for multi-ad inventory. It can contain any combination of VAST pre-rolls, mid-rolls and/or post-rolls.An official VMAP protocol has been introduced by IAB Tech Lab on this page.
VMAP does not define the ads themselves. VMAP defines the ad breaks with VAST tags, including the timing for each break. The video player executes VAST ads at the time specified by VMAP. The following diagram illustrates the hierarchy of VMAP used in the example above.
VMAP structure
Example VMAP is a playlist of 3 different VAST templates to play single Pre-roll ad, Ad--pod of 2 Mid-roll ads at 00.25 and single Post-roll ad.

Not always and not every user has an option to create and execute VMAP xml. The plugin from Nuevodevel.com allows to define a map of ads to execute at the time specified by each break.
Code snippet
player.vastAds (
map: [
{tagURL: "preroll-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "start"},
{tagURL: "midroll-1-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "25"},
{tagURL: "midroll-2-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "50%"},
{tagURL: "postroll-ad-tag-url", timeOffset: "end"}
As you can see, for each ad break the time is defined to execute specific ad.
  • For the pre-roll ad time offset value is "start", "0" or you can skip time offset parameter at all.
  • For mid-roll ad ad time value is either a number of seconds or time value in format hh:mm:ss or hh:mm:ss.mmm or as percentage value (0-100) of the total video content duration. Percentage value cannot be used for the live stream. Live stream duration is infinitive and it is not possible to calculate time position from percentage value.
  • For the pre-roll ad time offset value must be "end". Of course you cannot use post-roll ads in the live stream. This is not possible to calculate the end time of the live stream.
The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product for Nuevo software version minimum 10.0 licence holders.
Lifetime license per domain can be ordered upon first order, or any time later in client area.
Nuevo software GOLD plan users are entitled to an almost 40% discount off the basic price.