VAST Ad Pods


Emerged on the VAST 3.0 back in 2012, Ad Pods is a term used to refer to multiple ads sequenced together and played back-to-back within a single ad break.
The image below represents an Ad Pod with three ads that play sequentially before the content video.
Ad pods offer a better way to monetize long-form content. Since ad pods play multiple ads, they also typically see higher fill rates. If you use ad pods, you open yourself up to more advertisers who are looking to optimize their ad spend. Ad pods allow publishers to meet buyers' needs and create satisfied advertisers.

The player above makes use of this VAST protocol to play a group of three ad pods before video content.
The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product, working with th video.js player and Nuevo plugin.
A lifetime license can be ordered upon the first Nuevo software order, or at any time later in the client area.