VAST Nonlinear Ads


NonLinear ads are the overlay ads that display as an image (StaticResource) or rich media (HTMLResource or IFrameResource) on top of video content during playback.


The plugin by accepts one nonlinear object per <AD> element. Nonlinear object is showing over video content (not over linear video ad), centered horizontally, right above the control bar. If scalable parameter enabled (true), nonlinear object will be scaled down when it exceeds the player's dimensions.
If one more nonlinear defined for another <Ad> element, it will replace the antecedent nonlinear object.

If nonlinear content is static image banner, the plugin automatically generates ad close button. The plugin does not limit the time of displaying nonlinear ad however, there are some rules that ad publisher should know and may consider to use. In VAST documentation you can find the minSuggestedDuration parameter for nonlinear ad. If this parameter is set, it affects noonlinear ad time display in different ways for different type of nonlinear content.
The example video above uses the VMAP protocol, consisting of two VAST tags. First VAST is responsible for playing pre-roll video and showing first nonlinear static PNG banner that a user can close after 5 seconds. Second VAST shows another nonlinear HTML banner (at 00:25).
For static content, minSuggestedDuration value means that ad close button will no be visible for desired time. For HTML or iFrame content minSuggestedDuration means that ad will disappear after desired time.

One more option for static nonlinear banner is a small Recall button. If enabled, it appears when you close the ad. When the Recall button clicked, banner ad appears back. One method to enable Recall button is to set appropriate option in Vast configuration.
Code snippet
player.vastAds ({nonlinearRecall: true, tagURL: "vast-ad-tag-url-here" });
Another method is to add non-standard "recall" attribute to <NonLinear> XML definition,e.g.
Code snippet
<NonLinear width="100%" height="auto" expandedWidth="450" recall="true" scalable="true" maintainAspectRatio="true">
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