VAST Icons


VAST 3.0 introduced the <Icons> element, which is offered under the creative element. When the element is included in the VAST response, the video player must display the icon object as an overlay on top of the Linear Ad with which the icon is served and after the ad video has started.
The Icon icon must be displayed at the position indicated by the X location and Y location properties included in the icon data, and at the size defined by the width and height properties.X and Y location can be defined in pixels or in absolute position (top, left, right, bottom). If the bottom position selected for Y location, the player will take care of the Y position based on control bar activity.
The player above makes use of this VAST protocol with single pre-roll video ad and one icon overlayed in the bottom left corner.
Example icon is a png image (static resource). VAST also allows to use html code (HTMLResource) and iframe (IFrameResource) to render icons.

It is possible to render multiple icons for linear ad, however only one per program is allowed. When multiple icons from the same icon program are included, only the last one in a chain will be rendered.In the example below, the player makes use of this VAST protocol to play single pre-roll video and render 2 icons (top-right industry icon and bottom-left icon), both as HTML Resource.

According to VAST specification, VAST icon can be aligned left, or at some pixels offset from the left. For example attribute xPosition="left" displays an icon at the leftmost position, attribute xPosition="10" displays icon 10 pixels from the left, attrubute xPosition="right" displays icon at rightmost position. The VAST plugin by was extended to accept also "center" value for both: xPosition and yPosition attributes.
The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product for Nuevo software version minimum 10.0 licence holders.
Lifetime license per domain can be ordered upon first order, or any time later in client area.
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