VAST Companion Ads


Served with Linear or NonLinear ads, Companion Ads are displayed outside the video player. A Companion Ad is commonly displayed as a standard banner (image) or rich media ad (html resource or iframe). The VAST protocol may include multiple companions within <CompanionAds> Creative element.
The player above makes use of this VAST protocol with single linear Pre-roll ad, and 5 different companion ads. First companion is an HTML resource rendered above the player, next two companions are png static images below the player. Next companion ad is another static PNG image aligned left to the Rendering Rules text below. Finally, last companion is an HTML resource rendered below the text. Just start video playback to see all mentioned ads.


To render companion ads you need to declare companion ad slots on your HTML page. At first the Nuevo plugin respects Companion's adSlotId parameter. If a block element on an HTML page with ID matching adSlotId found, companion ad will be rendered inside. Slot ID should be discussed between publishers and advertisers.
Another method to render Companion Ads is to declare block elements with class vjs-companion on your HTML page. If adSlotId parameter not defined for certain Copmpanion in VAST document, or when element on an HTML page with matched ID not found, the plugin searches for HTML elements with vjs-companion class name to render companions in hierarchical order. Both methods can be used simultaneously, just like in the example above. Two companions are rendered by adSlotId, three companions are rendered by vjs-companion class name.

Unlike most of VAST solutions our plugin accepts percentage values and Auto value for Companion's required width and height parameters. This gives more control over the website responsive layout when companions rendered. In the example above, companion with 540x82 banner is rendered inside element with 100% width and auto height styles. 582px max-width and 82px max-height styles are also applied according to companion's expandedWidth and expandedHeight parameters. Rendered companion's banner remains responsive and is scaled down if required.
The VAST PRO plugin is a separate product for Nuevo software version minimum 10.0 licence holders.
Lifetime license per domain can be ordered upon first order, or any time later in client area.
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