Nuevo v 9.0 for video.js new release

On Christmas 2021 we decided to release new major version of the Nuevo software, set of unique plugins for video.js framework.

Version 9.0.0 features few completely new things and some significant updates as well.

Version 9.0 Highlights

Video Snapshot Image

- An easy option to implement and use, which allows to capture image from any time position of the video. Image can be of .jpg or .png format. The size of the image is equal to original video size.


UpNext Plugin

- Available for GOLD plan license holders this unique plugin gets viewers engaged with your content for a longer time. Imagine the list of episodes or tutorial parts that users can follow next to play one after another, or by individual selection.


Playlist in separate container

- As far video playlist was designed to display inside static width and height container, overlayed on the right side of the player. Now the user can order to display playlist in any separate HTML container, any width and height, for example under the player.


HLSJS significant update

- The hlsjs plugin alternative for default http streaming by video.js is pretty often used by many users. Based on hls.js library the plugin was developed few years ago and originally was based on outdated hls.js version 0.13.2. Additionally outdated plugin is causing issues with switching quality levels when video is reloaded, e.g. after video Ad or when source changed programmatically.

For the reasons described we decided to rebuild the hlsjs plugin to make use of the latest stable version of hls.js (1.1.2) and fix issues with switching quality levels.

All skins have been updated to support new features, big replay button was added to appear at the end of the video. New skin Mockup arrived.
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