Nuevo playlist anywehere

Nuevo playlist in separate container

Since version 9.0 of the NuevoVideo.js it is possible to include a Nuevo playlist into any separate html container, e.g. under the player.
Separate playlist advantage is that apart of the media item title it may show short media description. Separate playlist width is always 100% of parent container and 250 pixels high. The height can be easily modified to any other value. Separate playlist and optionally playlist height you can set through Nuevo plugin options.
Code snippet
player.nuevo({ playlistID: "container_id", playlistMaxH: 350 });
PlaylistID option value is the unique id of the HTML element that you wish to include your playlist.
Since separate playlist can be much wider than default one, it is allowed to define video item description, displayed later under video title.
Code snippet
sources: [{
src: "//",
type: "application/x-mpegURL"
title: 'video item title',
description: "video item description",
thumb: '',
duration: '03:40'