Nuevo playlist in a separate container

It is possible to include a Nuevo playlist in any separate HTML container, e.g., under the player. A separate playlist advantage is that, apart from the media item title, it may show a short media description. The width of the playlist is always 100% of the parent element, and the height is 250 pixels. The height can be easily modified to any other value. You can define an element's ID to include the playlist and height for the playlist (optionally) through the Nuevo plugin options.
Code snippet
player.nuevo({ playlistID: "container_id", playlistMaxH: 350 });
The PlaylistID option must refer to an existing HTML element, that you would like to include in the Nuevo playlist.
Since a separate playlist can be much wider than the default one, it is allowed to define a video description for the playlist's item, displayed later under the video title.
Code snippet
sources: [{
src: "//",
type: "application/x-mpegURL"
title: 'video item title',
description: "video item description",
thumb: '',
duration: '03:40'