Videojs - Zoom in video

Zooming options

Since the earliest version Nuevo plugin features zoom in video option. To zoom in video uses a small slider from the settings menu. When video zoomed now you can drag zommed area using your mouse to any new position.

If zoomInfo option not disabled, a small bar with current ZOOM value and 3 buttons will appear in the top left corener of the player. 2 buttons allow to center zoomed area, reset zoom and display information about zooming options.
One more important feature for ZOOM plugin is an option "zoomWheel", disabled by default. If enabled, it is possible to zoom in video using mouse wheel.
Zoom is disabled on touch screen device. On touch screen you can zoom any website area using 2 fingers.

Below you can see the code with options enabled for this example.

Code snippet
var player = videojs('example_video_1');
zoonInfo true,