Videojs VAST/ VMAP protocol

VAST VMAP Experimental Test

The latest version of VAST/VPAID plugin released 30.01.2021 features experimental VMAP protocol support. Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) specification is an XML template that wraps one or more VAST3 ad responses. Via VMAP you can indicate whether an ad is a pre-roll (ad before the content), a midroll (ad somewhere in the content) or a post-roll (ad after the content). Detailed VMAP can refer to multiple VAST ads to be played at different times. Official VMAP description and protocol detail is available on IAB website.
In example above VMAP protocol used is vmap.xml. It consists of preroll video, midroll video (at 00:25) and postroll video.
VAST/VPAID plugin is included only in GOLD version of Nuevo plugin.