Videojs - Video Title Overlay

Video title overlay for videojs with Nuevo plugin.

videoInfo option available for Nuevo plugin allows to overlay video title at top position.
The title is what you define for shareTitle option or it is taken from document meta title automatically.
If you define some URL for shareUrl option, the title on player becomes a link.
Title overlay appears on each player's pause event.
There are few other optional parameters for title style. You can adjust text font size, set font family, font bold and align title infor to right. You can set text string other than one for <title> option, set custom URL for info Icon.
See Nuevo plugin setup code example below.

var player = videojs('example_video_1',{},function(){ 
	url: '//',
	title: 'your video title here',
	videoInfo: true,
	infoIcon: "//"

videoInfo addon includes more options that you might find useful.
  • infoText - custom text string that you may wish to display instead of shareTitle text.
  • infoFont - text font family for text. Mustbe system font or font loaded through css.
  • infoSize - set number for text size (pixels) from range 15-24 (default is 18)
  • infoAlign - if you set it "right" videoInfo will be aligned to right.
  • infoBold - when set true video title text will appear bolden.
  • infoIconURL - if you define video title icon, you can alaso define separate URL to go on icon click only.