Videojs - Video Title Overlay

videoInfo is a Nuevo plugin option that allows you to overlay video title and description (optional) in the top part of the player.
The information appears on each user's active status and stays on top when the player is paused. There are several parameters that allow you to control the appearance of the title and description.
  • videoInfo - set true to display video info. DThe default is false.
  • title - video title text
  • description - optional video description text.
  • infoIcon - optional URL of the icon image to show.
  • url - optional URL to go on video info click.
See the Nuevo plugin setup code example below:
Code snippet
var player = videojs('video1');
videoInfo: true,
infoUrl: '',
title: 'Nuevo plugin for VideoJs',
description: 'Order the most advanced plugin for Videojs by',
url: '',
infoIcon: "//url-to-icon-image.png"