Videojs & Nuevo plugin Settings Menus

Manage settings menus (Nuevo plugin)

Settings button enables access to menu with four different Nuevo plugin's features like Related videos, Sharing options, Speed control, Zoom control. Setting menu becomes accesible once video started to play.
You can decide to switch off each single menu using appropriate Nuevo plugin option. By default all menus are enabled (true), except of qualityMenu (false), which is displayed as separate menu by default. "Related" menu will not appear if related videos not defined. If you enable qualityMenu option (true it will become a part od settings Menu instead of separate menu. Try to switch on and off each single menu item or multiple items.

  • relatedMenu (true)
  • shareMenu (true)
  • rateMenu (true)
  • zoomMenu (true)
Related Menu Share Menu Speed Menu Zoom Menu

Check Videojs and Nuevo plugin code setup

Each menu is enabled by default. To disable, set appropriate menu to false.

var player = videojs('example_video_1');
	logo: '//',
	logoposition: 'RT',
	logourl: '//'