Videojs Rewind & Forward

Rewind and Forward buttons

Nuevo plugin features new Rewind and Forward buttons. Both buttons allow to seek 10 seconds back or forward in video. By default only Rewind button is enabled. There are simple options to enable also Forward button or disable one or both buttons.

Rewind Button Forward Button

Code snippet
var player = videojs('example_video_1');
buttonRewind: true, (default)
buttonForward: false (default) }); </script>
Since version 8 of the Nuevo plugin it is possible to set other than 10 seconds value for rewind and offset options. Maximum value that you can set is 90 (seconds).
Code snippet
player.nuevo({ rewindforward: 30 })
Since version 10 of the Nuevo plugin and Nuevo skins, on touch devices Rewind and Forward buttons are presented as big icons centered on the screen instead of small buttons in control bar. The user may hide these buttons in Nuevo plugin configuration:
Code snippet
player.nuevo({ touchRewindForward: false })