Videojs live offline plugin

In the video example above, initial HLS playlist throws 404 (not existing) error. Offline image with retry interval countdown is displayed. After first or second retry attempt (20 seconds interval), live video is back online.

Live video offline plugin details

Latest offline plugin version (realesed Jan. 18, 2022) is completely new attempt to care about player display when live stream goes offline.
Offline plugin is initialized on initial stream playlist errors (e.g. 404 error). It also starts when network is diconnected while playing, when internet connection goes down, when stream is broken completely. The plugin attempts to reconnect the stream automatically in user-defined intervals (default each 30 seconds).
The offline plugin features 3 easy to understand options.
  • offlineImage - URL of the offline Image
  • offlineTimeout (default 30) - timeout value (seconds) for offlineImage to retry live stream
  • offlineCountdown (default true) - set false to disable visible countdown
Important: You need to set preload="none" video attribute to have the offline plugin working correctly.
Minimum setup is:
Code snippet
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

var player = videojs('myplayer'); 
player.offline({offlineImage: "//"});
As it was mentioned you have an option to set offline retry interval value and an option to hide contdown. One more options is to change countdown text string, which by default is "Restart".
Code snippet
The offline plugin is free to use by Nuevo software Gold and Premium plan license holders. Other video.js users can purchase the plugin separately here.