Videojs Logo Watermark

As you can see in the video example above (top/right corner), Nuevo plugin allows to overlay a logo image either in left or right top corner of the player. Available logo options are:
  • logo - path to logo image (png, jpg, gif)
  • logourl - path to website URL to go on logo click
  • logoposition - logo position (RT - right/top, LT - left/top, LB - bottom/left)
  • logomin - hide logo while playing (true)
Just try to change logo position and check Nuevo plugin setup code.

Logo position:    
Code snippet
var player = videojs();
player.nuevo ({
logo: "//",
logourl: "//",
logoposition: "LT"

Small logo in Controlbar

Nuevo plugin also allows to display small logo image in the control bar, right before fullscreen button.
Enough is to define image URL for logocontrolbar option. If you wish to have clickable image, you must also define a link URL for the logourl option if it is not already defined.
Logo height in controlbar fits other icons height, centered vertically. If the original image is higher, it will be scaled to the maximum possible height. Have a look at Nuevo plugin code setup.
Code snippet
<script>var player = videojs('example_video_1');
player.nuevo ({
logocontrolbar: '//',
logourl: '//'