Videojs Watch limit plugin

Video will stop playing after 10 seconds

Watch time limit plugin for Videojs

Watch time limit is another nice and useful feature of Nuevo plugin for Videojs player.
The minimum setup is limit option with some value in seconds and on click limit URL. Once video reaches limit time, it stops to play and appropriate message or limit image is displayed with link to the desired URL. You can also define custom message text or image URL to display.
  • limit - time value in seconds
  • limiturl - website URL to go on limit click
  • limitimage - optional image URL to display instead of limit message
  • limitmessage - optional text string for custom message
The default limit message is: "Watch full video on"
To change limit message you can define custom message for an option limitmessage.
Example video above use 20 seconds watch time limit and display either text message with a link or clickable limit image.

Change limit image to text message

See Nuevo plugin setup code example below.
Code snippet
var player = videojs();
limit: 20,
limiturl: "//",
limitimage: "//"