Google Ima Video Ads

The Google IMA SDK for HTML5 V3 allows developers to request and track Google VAST ads in a HTML5 video environment.The IMA SDK Plugin by Google for Video.js provides a quick and easy IMA SDK integration for the Video.js player.

Since the video.js player with the Nuevo plugin makes use of custom CSS skins, you must also load a custom CSS stylesheet for the Ima plugin.

Code snippet
<!-- Load dependent stylesheets. -->
<link href="path/to/videojs/videojs.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="path/to/videojs/plugins/ima.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

<video id='content_video' class="video-js">

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="/videojs/video.min.js"></script>
<script src="/videojs/plugins/videojs-contrib-ads.js"></script>
<script src="/videojs/plugins/ima.js"></script>
<script src="/videojs/nuevo.min.js"></script>

var player = videojs("my_player");
var options = {
adTagUrl: 'YOUR_AD_TAG'
For more details about the Ima plugin, available options and events check Google Ads Github resource.