Adsense for video

Testing Adsense for video ads through videojs player, Google Ima plugin and Nuevo plugin.

The Google IMA SDK for HTML5 V3 allows developers to request and track Google VAST ads in a HTML5 video environment. The IMA SDK Plugin by Google for Video.js provides a quick and easy IMA SDK integration for the Video.js player. The framework is currently in beta, allowing interested developers to try it.

Perfectly synchronized and especially designed for Videojs player with Nuevo plugin and custom Nuevo theme Google Ima ads work and look much better than with any other Videojs setup.

Nuevo plugin license owner receives all required files and detailed tutorial on how to setup player for Google Ima Ads support,
including code setup and html examples.

For most of examples on Nuevodevel website we use video element attribute preload="none". It's to minimize website page load speed.
However the Ima plugin will nor work on IE browsers with such "preload" status. Fo this reason first we detect IE/Edge browser and set video attribute preload="auto" when IE or Edge browser detected. You may follow this advice or just use preload="true" across all browsers.