Videojs Keyboard hotkeys test

Here's a demo of the hotkeys plugin by Nuevodevel. Supported hotkeys are as follow:
  • Space bar toggles play/pause.
  • Right and Left Arrow keys seek the video forwards and back.
  • Up and Down Arrow keys increase and decrease the volume.
  • M key toggles mute/unmute.
  • F key toggles fullscreen off and on. (Does not work in Internet Explorer)
  • Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on.
  • < key (with SHIFT) decrease playback speed.
  • > key (with SHIFT) increse plaback speed.
  • Use numeric keys (0-10) to jump 10% in time, e.g. key 6 = 60% of duration.
Arrow hotkeys (volume, forward, rewind) work only when the player element is focused (just like it is on Youtube player).

Load hotkeys plugin file along with videojs and nuevo plugin javascript files.
Code snippet
<script src="/path/to/plugins/videojs.hotkeys.min.js"></script>
Initialize hotkeys plugin right after Nuevo plugin.
Code snippet
var player = videojs('player_example_1);
logo: '//
logourl: '//',
volumeStep: 0.1,
seekStep: 5
Some hotkeys may conflict with your project. You can disable some hotkeys using the appropriate options.
Code snippet