DAI - Google Dynamic Ad Insertion

Code snippet
   fallback: '//path-to-fallback-video-playlist.m3u8',
   source_id: '2528370',
   video_id: 'tears-of-steal'
   fallback: '//path-to-fallback-video-playlist.m3u8',
   assetKey: "sN_IYUG8STe1ZzhIIE_ksA"

Google DAI for VOD and Live stream

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is a server-side video ad technology that enables you to serve video ads into live stream or VOD. Serving ads without the need to reload video allows for maximum smooth playback and the most enjoyable viewing experience. Adblockers are unable to block just the ads, but the whole content instead. If viewers want to enjoy the content, they will have to disable their ad blocker.

The example above demonstrates Google Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Integration for server side ad insertion, using a videojs player with Nuevo plugin and DAI plugin by Nuevodevel.com. The plugin includes a fallback video option, in the event that there is a network error.
Code snippet
You need to have Google's Ad Manager 360 Advanced contract. Enabling Google DAI playback is a technical process, we strongly advise working with a developer to enable Google DAI playback for your web player.